We remove all types of junk.

Junk from your home.

Any junk from in and around your home. 1 microwave to 10+ truckloads we are your residential junk removal solution.

Junk from your office or business.

We remove office and commercial furniture and fixtures. 

Scrap metal.

We take all types of scrap metal including car parts and batteries. 

Rental property cleanups.

Get your rental up and running fast after the unthinkable happens. 

Junk electronics for recycling.

Anything with a power cord gets recycled. Simple. 

Misc. commercial junk

We remove junk from any commercial location such as parkades, malls, storage lockers and many others!

Dense materials/lighter stuff/recyclables

We offer discounted prices for: pallets and clean unpainted, untreated dimensional lumber, clean dirt, bricks and concrete, yard waste and tree branches and paper/cardboard products. These items are either free to dispose of at appropriate recycling facilities or cost less at city landfills so we are able to offer lower prices for the removal of these materials. See city landfill rates here

Any junk removers trying to justify higher prices for bricks or concrete are taking you for a ride. Calgary Aggregate Recycling accepts bricks and concrete for free.