We remove all types of junk.

Junk from your home.

We remove any junk from in and around your home. We are your residential junk removal solution.

Junk from your office or business.

We remove office and commercial furniture and fixtures. 

Scrap metal.

We take all types of scrap metal including car parts and batteries. 

Rental property cleanups.

Get your rental up and running fast after the unthinkable happens. 

Junk electronics for recycling.

We remove all old electronics and recycle them. 

Misc. commercial junk

We remove junk from any commercial location such as parkades, malls, storage lockers and many others!

Pallets and clean lumber

Pallets and clean dimensional lumber are 100% recycled. 

Paper and cardboard products

Just moved and have ton of boxes left over? No problem! We recycle that too! 


We haul brick and concrete debris. 

Household chemicals

Contrary to popular belief, residential quantities of paints and chemicals do not require special licensing and are free to dispose of at city landfills. 


We take away mixed loads of renovation and construction debris. Wood, 2x4's, plywood, drywall, tiles, flooring, carpet, underlay, plumbing, etc. 

Heavy and bulky items

We can take most heavier items such as safes, pianos and large commercial appliances.