Calgary Junk Removal Prices

Price list

See full price list below for prices on mixed loads of residential junk removal.  Please contact us for a free no obligation estimate if you have commercial junk, office furniture, construction/renovation debris or if your junk is inside your home or basement. We use a bigger truck than that of the biggest company. 12 feet long 8 feet wide and 5 feet high for a total of almost 20 cubic yards! 5% GST not included in prices. 

1/4 Load- $125

A bedroom's worth of furniture, or a small shed or storage room clearout.

1/3 Load - $175

Minor garage or basement purge. 2-3 couches and several bags of odds and ends. 

1/2 Load $300

A small apartment's worth of stuff. Mattress, box spring, a few couches, a table and chairs, and some odds and ends.

2/3 Load $325

Moving out and downsizing. Approximately 2 bedrooms sets, plus a fridge, couch and some odds and ends. 

3/4 Load $350

Roughly 6 pickup trucks worth of junk and furniture. Or a decent sized storage locker.

Full Load $450

Average estate cleanout. Roughly the entire contents of a 1200 square foot main floor or major garage or basement purge. 

Volume discounts

Flooded with junk? Helping out a hoarder?

We offer volume discounts for jobs requiring more than one full load. Our prices cannot be beat for the biggest jobs. Contact us today for your free, no obligation estimate if you feel overwhelmed by how much junk you have. Chances are we've seen worse. 

 *$50 minimum charge applies to electronic and metal items. Landfill junk $70 + GST minimum charge.