Lose more junk.
Spend less money.

We are Calgary's down to Earth and reliable junk removal/waste management service!

Here's how it works:

1. Call, text or email us!

Contact us and let us know where you are located, what you need removed and the best date and time for step 2. 

2. We come and give you a no obligation estimate.

To ensure fairness and accuracy on-site estimates are always free of charge. Unless otherwise specified we arrive ready to load up your junk on the spot. 

3. Time to relax!

Your junk and clutter items are now permanently out of your way. Now you can relax knowing that you've reclaimed your space!

Quick price list

1/4 load- $150

1/3 load- $230

1/2 load- $350

2/3 load $400

3/4 load- $450

Full load-$500

All prices plus GST. Book online and get $25 off*