Our Junk Removal Services


At Calgary Junk Removal we make it easy and affordable for you to get rid of your unwanted junk. Our qualified teams of junk removal technicians are standing-by to serve you. We have liability insurance and WCB coverage. 


Become one of our many satisfied commercial clients. From property managers to real-estate agents a growing number of professionals are trusting Calgary Junk Removal with repeat business and referrals.


Undertaking a small renovation or a major house-flip can be expensive and complicated for a homeowner or investor. At Calgary Junk Removal, our friendly staff can help you save on the cost of your junk removal and more.


Donations is a big part of what we do at Calgary Junk Removal. Our warehouse allows our teams of junk removal specialists to sort-out and organize your junk efficiently so that it can be donated or repurposed. 


Recycling your junk is not only the right thing to do for the planet but it is also financially sustainable. At Calgary Junk Removal, we use recycling partners for your electronics, paper, metal, cardboard, and more, we keep our landfill fees low and increase our customer satisfaction.


Despite our sorting and recycling processes, we have to dispose of some materials at the landfill. We are a junk and sustainable waste removal company after all. 

Calgary Junk Removal has partnered with  the city of Calgary landfill and other private partners to dispose of our loads properly.