Upfront price list- GST Included in prices!


Welcome to our up front price list!

We charge by volume, so you only pay for the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck!  Our box is 12 feet long, 8 feet wide and 5 feet high. That's almost 19 cubic yards of junk. Be sure to compare truck sizes as well as prices if you're comparing junk removal pricing. We are always happy to provide you with an on site no obligation estimate so we can give you the most accurate and fair quote. 

The minimum charge for junk removal services is $79. 

Heavier materials

For the removal of heavier materials like construction or renovation debris, commercial fixtures, office furniture, etc. there may be price adjustments depending on each individual job. Everything will be discussed beforehand so there are no surprises at the end. 

Electronics recycling and heavy TV's

Electronics are free to dispose of at city landfills. So don't worry- that old tube TV won't cost you extra. You should never get a high quote on electronics because of weight. 

Estate clean outs & large volume

Simply put, the bigger the job the better the deal. We can offer flexibility that no big company can touch when it comes to the biggest junk removal jobs. 

5% GST included in all prices! 

Calgary Junk Removal- Pricing

1/4 Load


Removal from anywhere: $184

Outside/garage: $158

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1/3 Load


Removal from anywhere: $263

Outside/garage: $232

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1/2 Load


Removal from anywhere: $342

Outside/garage: $315

$20 Off

2/3 Load


Removal from anywhere: $420

Outside/garage: $384

$20 off

3/4 Load


Removal from anywhere: $498

Outside/garage: $472

$20 off

Full load!


 Removal from anywhere: $577

Outside/garage: $525

$20 off