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Calgary Junk Removal- Residential junk removal services

More about our residential junk removal services

When you need to re-claim your space in your home or garage, we are your #1 junk removal specialists. We remove anything that can be found in your home such as appliances like a washer, dryer, microwave, hot water tank, hood fan, fridge, freezer, air conditioner, or dishwasher and electronics like a TV, speakers, radio, printer, computer, or an old VCR or DVD player. If it has a power cord it can and will be recycled! We also remove furniture like a mattress, box spring, couch, sectional recliner, coffee table, kitchen table, dresser, armoire, nightstand, kitchen table and chairs and much more. When you can't park in your garage, we can change all of that for you. We remove garage junk like an old wheelbarrow, hose reel, bicycle, skis, toys, and even that roll of carpet that's been in the rafters for decades. We sort all of your unwanted household junk as we load so we can easily dispose of it at the appropriate donation centre or recycling facility before ultimately taking whatever is not usable anymore to the landfill. We are your one stop shop junk removal solution! If this all sounds good to you,  book online now and we'll take care of the rest!