What we do with your junk

We recycle it.

We recycle 100% of the following: Paper and cardboard products. Clean dimensional lumber and pallets. Electronics. Metals. Tree branches. Concrete. Bricks. Clean separated drywall. 

We donate it.

We will take your unwanted but usable junk items to a LOCAL charity of your choice with your permission. 

We dump it.

We are a waste disposal service so when items are no longer usable the end of the line is the landfill. 

Your unwanted items can sometimes be a big help to those in need.

There is lots we can do to keep stuff out of the landfills. We sort as we load that way your junk can be re-routed to the appropriate facilities for recycling or to a charity. When an item is no longer usable or safe then we dispose of it appropriately.